Yuji Nozaki

Sales Division Manager, Tokyo Head Office

From the time when Hokusho was an affiliate of the former Hokkaido Colliery & Steamship Co., Ltd., the Tokyo Head Office has traditionally had responsibility for handling some of Japanfs leading companies as clients - covering the length and breadth of Japan - from Aomori in the North, to Kyushu in the South. From our initial focus on providing industrial use, heavy fuel oil, we are also engaged in both overland and maritime transport of light oil, industrial lubricant, and gasoline for delivery to power companies and various other clients. The basis of our operations is centered on the long term and regular delivery of products and services, as we strive to ensure a safe and stable supply in looking to gain customer trust while forging strong relationships with our primary distributors - foremost among them Nippon Oil Corporation.

As an energy trading company we also make sure not to overlook alternative energies that can relieve environmental load - with ongoing efforts to enhance our awareness of new energy solutions through regular study and training sessions and seminars and collecting the latest information. In addition to oil and oil-related products, we also provide a range of other products including consumables for the hotel industry to deodorants and activated carbon, and place particular focus on listening to customer feedback as part of our efforts to provide a sincere and dependable service.