New Initiatives

Involvement in New Energy

We consider our commitment to new energy solutions a core element of our corporate social responsibility to creating a sustainable society. One of these efforts involves the use of fuel cells that produce hydrogen from LP gas and kerosene. In looking to bring this product to market, we hold regular research seminars and collect the latest information from this sector.
We are also examining the use of plastic - in the form of discarded plastic containers that make up regular urban waste - to transform this into a source of oil. This involves a joint operation with a large scale recycling plant in Sapporo - operated by Sapporo Plastic Recycle Corporation - and we are currently selling the resultant oil to paper manufacturing companies etc.

Nursing Services

As Japan continues its transition to an increasingly aging society we are engaged in providing a range of rehabilitation services, such as preventative care and self-support for the elderly. Part of this involves collaborating with an elderly-care rehabilitation research center that is producing excellent work in the three areas of implementation, education, and research in this field.
In addition to the commencement of leasing operations of a rehabilitation facility in Yamagata Prefecture, we are also involved in providing a range of nursing equipment and healthcare products.